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Home sales down? Yes … and no?

Month-to-month reports of home sales in the Austin area have not been encouraging since the last tax credit program ended in June, but if you look at annualized sales and pricing things aren’t as bleak as they may seem. Continue reading

Home prices decline, but …

The Case-Shiller index of 20 major cities showed a decline of 0.8% from August to September, and 18 of 20 cities experienced declines …. but focusing on a single month-to-month change in average prices can be misleading. Continue reading

Let the market heal, and it will

“Leave housing to market forces, let prices fall until buyers are motivated to come in, and hope that the economy can stand one final cathartic wave to clear the excesses of the bubble.” Continue reading

Market Activity in the Austin Area

Prospective home buyers have an incredible opportunity right now — increased listing inventory, record-low mortgage rates, and stable or slightly increasing demand that should push prices up over the next six to twelve months. Those who choose to sit out this part of the market cycle are likely to look back in two years and say, “I should have moved then.” Continue reading

Impressive sales performance for premium properties!

The $500,000-and-up went from 7% of the Austin/Central Texas single
family market a year ago to 12% in the last month! Continue reading

No incentives, slower sales? No kidding!

Much has been made in the press lately about the fall-off in home sales from June to July 2010, with home sales down 27% nationally. My first reaction is, “Duh!” Continue reading

Even in Austin, tax credits reduced summer demand

The number of new contracts signed in May and June in the Austin Metro area were down significantly from the April peak created by tax incentives, but there is still residual demand. August data may tell whether a trend is developing. Continue reading

Austin Home Sales and Listing Inventory

An feature article in the Business section of today’s Austin American-Statesman highlighted a decline in home sales in the Austin area and growth in listing inventory. As noted by the Austin Board of Realtors the very small sales decline is really reason for optimism for the Austin/Central Texas real estate market. Consider listing inventory relative to current demand. Continue reading

Austin market stays strong

As I study market conditions in Austin and Central Texas real estate, I continue to see significant contrasts between our area and conditions elsewhere …. Continue reading

Life after tax credits — early results

I am encouraged to see the Austin/Central Texas market maintain momentum after tax credits expired, and I look forward to getting “back to normal” in the coming months and years. Continue reading