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Mortgage News

Mortgage rates across the U.S. are down again this week! Continue reading

Austin “Most Likely to Succeed” — Global Trade

Austin is our pick for Most Likely to Succeed because of its low-tax structure, key incentives and record for growth. Continue reading

Home prices stabilizing nationwide?

The U.S., Texas, and Austin need the entire housing sector to regain its footing. Let’s hope that June 2012 is the beginning of a new period of healthy growth. Continue reading

Good info about the Austin housing market

From today’s electronic edition of the Austin American-Statesman: Housing market still a stabilizing force for Austin’s economy

About Austin Home Prices

It is a statistical fact that the average sale price in July 2012 was 24% higher than in January 2012, and the median sale price increased by 21% over the same several months. Those numbers need some clarification, though, lest my readers think we have entered a California-style housing bubble. Continue reading

Austin — What a great place to be!

It has been such a busy year in Austin real estate that I haven’t made time to write for months. An update on my Market Dashboard seems a fitting place to start. Continue reading