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Austin ranks among best places to live in the U.S.

Austin is the second-best place to live in the U.S. … Continue reading

Leverage your support of local needs

Next Tuesday evening or Wednesday, please visit Amplify Austin, choose the cause that’s important to you, and leverage your power to help others in the Austin area. It is the right thing to do. Continue reading

Austin musicians are unsung heroes of countless hits

Austin musicians have influenced the industry for years … Continue reading

Yes, it rained … but we still need Proposition 6!

… this week’s weather did almost nothing to help the water supply for most of Austin and Travis County. Continue reading

You won’t enjoy much of this post …

More than 99% of Texas is experiencing some level of drought, and about 90% of the state is in Extreme or Exceptional drought. The drought in all of Central Texas is rated Severe or Extreme. There is hope, though! This year the Texas legislature will finally fund the State Water Plan! Continue reading

Capitol Water Forum — comments from H2O4Texas

The “Financing The Solution” water forum at the Texas Capitol yesterday drew an overflow crowd and enthusiastic response. I have written hear before about water and this forum. It will prove to be an important step toward getting the Texas Water Plan funded in this legislative session. Continue reading

Welcome the rain, but don’t forget the drought!

The Texas legislature only meets every two years. With two years or less of our water in storage at this point, this Legislative session is the time for action. Please attend next week’s Water Forum if you can, and help to spread the word on this issue and this Forum. Continue reading

Water — this is a non-partisan issue

What if Apple and Samsung had decided in recent months and years that they couldn’t trust Central Texas to provide the infrastructure necessary to support their growth? What if the next AMD or Motorola or GM makes that decision and moves somewhere else instead? What if growth continues, but builders can’t get building permits? Those are all real possibilities unless we take action now, during this Legislative session. Continue reading

Update on regional water issues

It is encouraging that funding mechanisms for water infrastructure and the Texas State Water Plan are getting attention in preparation for the legislative session than opens in January. One prominent leader proposes what sounds like a very sensible use of dollars that are already in-hand. Continue reading

Water issues — post from H2O4Texas

Please, get involved with this effort. Getting the Texas State Water Plan funded is a must-do in 2013. Continue reading