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Foreclosure rates — in Austin and Nationally

Foreclosures are up, but let’s keep a little perspective — 99.7% of American property owners did NOT receive a foreclosure notice last month. Continue reading

Let the market heal, and it will

“Leave housing to market forces, let prices fall until buyers are motivated to come in, and hope that the economy can stand one final cathartic wave to clear the excesses of the bubble.” Continue reading

Great little home in Cedar Park — new listing

New listing: cute 1200 SF home in a very convenient Cedar Park neighborhood — for under $125,000! Continue reading

Myths about credit scores

I wrote a few months ago about the importance of credit scores, and what they mean. Today, Yahoo! Finance added some good information about several common misconceptions. Continue reading

Market Activity in the Austin Area

Prospective home buyers have an incredible opportunity right now — increased listing inventory, record-low mortgage rates, and stable or slightly increasing demand that should push prices up over the next six to twelve months. Those who choose to sit out this part of the market cycle are likely to look back in two years and say, “I should have moved then.” Continue reading