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Who Cares About Water?

A post from friends at H2O4Texas Continue reading

Could the Court vacate 18 months of financial regulations? Should it?

Hundreds of new mortgage-industry rules in recent years have undoubtedly slowed the housing recovery. Now it appears that all of that regulatory effort could be undone. Should it? Continue reading

Here’s Austin’s challenge in 2013: Housing Supply

Home sales grew by 20% last year. At the same time, the number of homes for sale declined by 21%. There is a growing number of buyers chasing a shrinking number of homes, and prices are going up. Continue reading

Worst Drought Ever?

No time to write for several days, but an article today from friends at H2O4Texas prompts me to repost: Texas Approaching Worst Ever Drought? It’s still early in the legislative session.  As you saw in my recent summary of our Water Forum at the Texas Capitol, water is getting a lot of attention.  Here’s a quick … Continue reading