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Emerging Markets Index

Emerging Markets Index

Yesterday I posted a summary of this report at This morning I reviewed a more detailed look at the Street Journal Emerging Markets Index. Yesterday’s post included a list of the top 10 emerging markets, including Austin at second on the list, behind Couer d’Alene, Idaho and just ahead of Springfield, Ohio. Just that information gives you an idea of the diversity of the list.

The Emerging Markets Index is based on eight indicators of (a) economic health and quality of life and (b) real estate markets, with those two broad categories weighted equally. This longer discussion of the index includes the second tier of 10 markets to watch. It also offers several important points of analysis:

  • Heightened Interest in Real Estate Leads to Current & Expected Home Price Growth
  • Economic Vitality Means Relatively Abundant Jobs Plus Above-Average Wages and Commute Times
  • Small Businesses and “Everyday Splurge” Chains Signal Things To Do & the Discretionary Spending to Support Businesses
  • Top Emerging Markets Attract Home Shoppers from Other Markets
  • Small and Growing: Top Emerging Markets Saw Above Average Growth
  • With a Mobile & Dynamic Population: Top Emerging Markets Saw Above Average Mobility

With that background, I hope you enjoy this article:

April 2021 Wall Street Journal/ Emerging Housing Markets Index

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