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Homebuyer Tax Credits Continue for Military Members

The tax credits that just expired for most of us continue for a year for many in the military. This is important … and right! Continue reading

March 2010 Surge in Home Sales

“Pending Home Sales on an Upswing” …. In addition to an increase in March in the number of homes sold and closed, the number of pending contracts is up, which should bode well for April and May closings. However ….
Continue reading

Another vote of confidence for Austin and Texas

With these arguments against this hiring, I assume Chase sees offsetting strength in Texas and expects to originate many more loans here than they have in recent years. Continue reading

Warren Buffett on housing recovery

Warren Buffet has made a lot of money by being right in his forecasts more often than he has been wrong. Bloomberg News reported yesterday on his recent report to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. Continue reading

Real market weakness? Maybe …

Two months of consecutive decline is worrisome, and even Austin and Central Texas participated in this weakness. As always, I the movement of the Austin Metro real estate market on my AustinMarketDashboard, and the decline is visible there, as is the usual price weakness that accompanies weak demand. Average home prices in Austin have now been below the long-term trendline for more than a year. Continue reading

Act soon to take advantage of low interest rates

NOW, we have tax incentives and very low interest rates and seasonally low home prices. LATER, tax incentives will expire (contracts after April 30) and interest rates and home prices are likely to increase. Continue reading

January Market Update — Austin and Central Texas

Austin’s real estate market remains a significant bright spot among many U.S. metro areas that continue to struggle. I trust this recap will be informative, and helpful as you consider the current market position of your Central Texas home, or your plans to purchase a home. Continue reading

December home price spike!

December 2009 — almost 10% month-to-month increase in average home sale prices. Does last year’s tax credit program explain it? Continue reading

It’s still about jobs …

We continue to add employers and employees, and to see investments in the future of our community. Our growth is undoubtedly constrained by the difficulty selling homes in other parts of the country, keeping people and companies from moving here that might otherwise choose to do so. Nonetheless, “cautious optimism” remains a good bet in the Austin area. Continue reading

Mortgage rates at record low

Interest rates will almost certainly increase next Spring, at the same time that tax incentives expire and seasonal price increases begin. Very significant, given new debt-to-income requirements. Continue reading