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RealtyTrac Foreclosure Trends — slow in Texas and Austin

Almost no foreclosure activity makes Austin and most of Texas very different from what you read about in most of the national press. Continue reading

Latest Case-Shiller Comparison with Austin

Austin has continued to attract employers and employees over the past several years, and conservative home equity lending laws prevented much of the price run-up experienced in places like California. I’m pleased to call Austin home for many reasons, and our experience with this most recent recession is just one. Continue reading

Austin Market Dashboard, updated thru Feb. 2013

The Austin-area real estate market has turned the corner.  We’re clearly into a new growth phase.  As evidence, here’s a quick summary of the past few years’ home sales: We have experience 22 consecutive months of year-over-year sale growth, and very significant growth in most of those months: Moreover, it’s worth noting that even filtering … Continue reading

Fast-trackin’ in Austin real estate

The real estate market turnaround in the Austin metro area is unambiguously underway. Here is the data to confirm that fact. Continue reading