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Time To Buy? Now!

Buyers who keep shopping now will be able to take advantage of any extension of the tax credit program that is enacted, and by moving sooner rather than later they’ll be able to capitalize on today’s lower prices and interest rates as well. Continue reading

Market Dashboard

The only way to recognize a market bottom is when you can look back at it 6 or 12 months in the past. However, history can provide some hints.
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Homebuyer Tax Credit Delays

Just posted on my Local Market Information page (, an article from today’s Wall Street Journal Market Watch:  Home-buyer tax-credit refunds delayed for months. Obviously, that isn’t really “local” news, but it is important to me that my clients and prospective clients are never surprised by information that I could have shared with them.  This … Continue reading

Austin Area Home Building Picks Up

Despite continuing fragility in the states where the economy has suffered the most, Central Texas continues to weather the storm much better than most. Continue reading

Austin: #2 Metro Economy in the U.S.

I just posted on my Local Market Information page ( an article from Business Week this morning, ranking the Top 40 metropolitan economies in the United States.  Five of the Top 10 are in Texas: #1 — San Antonio #2 — Austin #5 — Dallas/Ft. Worth #9 — Houston #10 — El Paso Their comments … Continue reading

Know Your Market

More than any time over the past several years, now is when the detailed market knowledge of a real estate professional is very important. Continue reading

Local Market Knowledge

Understanding a local real estate market still requires a human being dealing with “hyper-local” market detail. Continue reading

Recent Home Values

Interested in what the market’s doing in your neighborhood?  Visit, enter your address (or another property you’re interested in), and you’ll see the results. Of course, there is much more to a comprehensive market analysis than just a list of houses — all sizes, ages, styles, builders, with and without updates, pools, etc.  Let … Continue reading

The Importance of Home Equity

I wrote here earlier this month (A House Is Not An ATM, 10/5/09) about the power of leverage, and how modest price appreciation in real estate can represent a truly huge return on investment over time.  That is not money to play with or to borrow to finance your current lifestyle.  Nonetheless, home equity can become … Continue reading

Property Tax Protests

I keep reading letters to the editor in the American-Statesman about how unreasonable Travis Central Appraisal District as been this year, and I don’t get it.  I’m sure there have been some poor decisions, but I and several of my clients were able to get significant reductions this year in the proposed values initially posted … Continue reading