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A vote of confidence ….

Road and utilities preparation could begin this year, and the entire development could ultimately include 5,000 homes and townhomes, 2,600 apartments, 2 million square feet of office and retail space, and 700 acres of parks and open space. Continue reading

Impressive sales performance for premium properties!

The $500,000-and-up went from 7% of the Austin/Central Texas single
family market a year ago to 12% in the last month! Continue reading

No incentives, slower sales? No kidding!

Much has been made in the press lately about the fall-off in home sales from June to July 2010, with home sales down 27% nationally. My first reaction is, “Duh!” Continue reading

Builder confidence down in Austin?

It may be that a comprehensive survey of home builders in the Austin area will show that they lost confidence in August, just as reported nationally. The builders I talk to, however, while cautious, aren’t waiting for the sky to fall, and this recent market performance is relatively positive given conditions in other places. Continue reading

“Vulture investors” back?

The national press continues to highlight “opportunities” in real estate markets that have been hit hardest by the recession. I continue to get calls from prospective investors who expect the same market conditions in Austin and Central Texas. The good news is that Austin is different. The bad news is that Austin is different. It’s all a matter of perspective. Continue reading

Home Improvement — Get Your Money’s Worth?

Remodeling and home improvement are perennial topics of discussion, but if you’re preparing your home for resale think ahead, and be aware of how much your investment is likely to return. Continue reading

Austin and the housing downturn — the affordability factor

Texas has not felt this recession and housing downturn in the same way that California, Arizona, Nevada, and Florida have. This article from Tierra Grande magazine focuses on the housing affordability factor and offers some important insights. Continue reading

Even in Austin, tax credits reduced summer demand

The number of new contracts signed in May and June in the Austin Metro area were down significantly from the April peak created by tax incentives, but there is still residual demand. August data may tell whether a trend is developing. Continue reading

Mortgage lending — a continuing adventure

Again, thank goodness that mortgage lenders have decided they prefer working with borrowers who are likely to make their payments. This pendulum is swinging WAY too far in the other direction, though. Continue reading