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Looking up for 2013!

Just a quick roundup of reports in 2012, and a look forward to the 2013: ABJ’s top business stories of 2012 Austin’s jobless rate drops to 4.9% Texas locks up title of top magnet state Austin pushes past Oklahoma City to lead monthly economic rankings Austin No. 7 nationally in home price jump Austin No. 1 … Continue reading

Austin’s not on this list

While Austin isn’t the most affordable community in the U.S., we’re far from the least affordable. Continue reading

3.8% tax on home sales? Well, maybe …

Yes, the Affordable Care Act imposes a new tax on capital gains, but it’s unlikely to hit you directly … Continue reading

Mortgage rate future?

I encourage my younger friends and prospective homebuyers to assume that 3.5% will NOT be the long-term mortgage interest rate. We are living in trying economic times with many historically unusual pressures. This too shall pass, and rates will begin to rise. Continue reading

A little more on foreclosure sales

Austin’s experience with residential property foreclosures remains very different when compared with many other cities and with national averages. Continue reading

Foreclosure Market Trends Newsletter

Foreclosed properties represent less than 10% of YTD sales in the Austin metropolitan area, and less than 3 1/2% of available listings! Continue reading

Commercial property is a tight market too!

Without elaboration, here is a good summary from Austin Business Journal: Low vacancy:  Office space tight in downtown Austin  

How about investment properties?

If you assume operating expenses amounting to 15%, those ratios translate into a Capitalization Rate of about 5.5. That’s not stellar, but compare it to the likely return on many alternative investments and you’ll understand why this has been a fast-moving market this year. Continue reading

Seller’s market? Well, mostly …

Even in one of the hottest metropolitan market areas in the country, there are huge variations in market conditions. Don’t read one article or watch a video about the seller’s market in Austin and assume it describes your property, or a property you may want to buy. Real estate is still very much a hyperlocal business, and you deserve detailed, professional consultation about your specific situation. Continue reading

Update on regional water issues

It is encouraging that funding mechanisms for water infrastructure and the Texas State Water Plan are getting attention in preparation for the legislative session than opens in January. One prominent leader proposes what sounds like a very sensible use of dollars that are already in-hand. Continue reading