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Real Estate and “Insider Trading”?

The letter-writer is under the mistaken impression that real estate agents — not markets — establish property values. The reality is that market value is nothing more or less than what a willing buyer and a willing seller agree to. Continue reading

Merry Christmas To All!

What a great Christmas movie! Continue reading

Good news, but you can’t tell it!

Sure, bad news sells newspapers, but come on guys … get a grip. Don’t go out of your way to talk down the local economy! Continue reading

Consult an expert

The value of residential real estate is determined by the market in a specific location at a specific point in time and based on the condition of the specific property. The only way to get a current, professional market analysis is from a full-time real estate professional who does this every day.
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Two kinds of real courage

Take a minute today to give thanks for everyone around you who stands out daily, and who truly demonstrates the courage to change the world as they find it.
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Top 10 Water — another recommendation for Austin!

Austin ranked in the Top 10 in yet another list! Continue reading

Easier short sales? Call me a skeptic!

Having worked short sales, representing buyers and sellers over the past several years, I’ll believe it when I see it. Continue reading

Mortgage rates at record low

Interest rates will almost certainly increase next Spring, at the same time that tax incentives expire and seasonal price increases begin. Very significant, given new debt-to-income requirements. Continue reading

More Evidence of the Strong Austin Market

Austin/Central Texas remains one of the strongest home markets in the United States, and conditions are right to make buying a home here in the next three to six months a great decision. Continue reading

Major adjustment in foreclosure count … enough?

MLS data shows a total of 1,870 foreclosures sold and closed through November — less than 1/3 the “corrected” number of postings reported today. With only 300 on the market today, where are the other 4,000? Continue reading