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Austin 2015 – Economic Summary

Last week, Angelos Angelou (Angelou Economics) presented his recap of how Texas and Austin fared in 2015, and his outlook for 2016 and 2017. As always, it was an excellent and insightful review. There was far too much information to include here, but there are a few points related to Austin’s housing market that I do want to mention Continue reading

Affordability Pressures in Austin

Much has been said over the past couple of years about housing affordability in the Austin area, and rightfully so. This is not hopeless, however. There are ways to address this trend, by allowing the addition of much more, and more varied housing stock throughout the area. Continue reading

More on Austin-area prices and affordability

How much do homes really cost here? In the metro area, the highest average and median prices are in neighborhoods near the close-by south shore of Lake Travis, not in the city itself. At the other end of the market, there are six suburban cities with average and median home prices at or below $200,000. Continue reading

Austin’s not on this list

While Austin isn’t the most affordable community in the U.S., we’re far from the least affordable. Continue reading

Housing Affordability – Austin Comparison

I’ll have more to say later about home values around the country, but many folks in Austin and elsewhere have the impression that Austin is a relatively expensive place to live. At least as far as housing is concerned, the data discussed here places Austin very well, especially among large metropolitan areas. Continue reading

Austin and the housing downturn — the affordability factor

Texas has not felt this recession and housing downturn in the same way that California, Arizona, Nevada, and Florida have. This article from Tierra Grande magazine focuses on the housing affordability factor and offers some important insights. Continue reading