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Texas’ attraction for business

A new high ranking for Texas as a business destination, and new announcements from California companies coming here … Continue reading

Austin #1 for jobs

Equally impressive is that 4 of the Top 5 cities in that ranking are in Texas! Continue reading

Round-up of Good News About Austin

Best city to live in, second best for finding a job, one of the top “moved to” cities, among the top job-generating cities, top 10 for quality of life, and on and on. There are a lot of great places in this country but Central Texas has a lot going for it. Continue reading

Growth culture in Austin

Innovation, entrepreneurship, investment, and growth are cultural mainstays in Austin. Being the Live Music Capital and all that that means to the community is an important part of this city, as is the moderate weather, Texas Hill Country, the Highland Lakes, and our central location with easy access to the rest of the state. All of these factors work together to make Austin the dynamic community it is, and these articles and many others tell the stories that make the future look bright. Continue reading

More expansion in Austin

Each of these stories represents confidence in the economic and financial strength of Austin and our healthy supply of high-skill employees. Continue reading

Recession? Yes, but it’s great to be in Austin!

“Since we know Austin went into the recession later, emerged earlier, and lost fewer jobs than most other major metros, it may be helpful to put this month’s performance ranking in perspective by also looking at where Austin and these metros are currently vis-à-vis peak pre-recession employment.” Continue reading

Austin Market Dashboard Update

The February market snapshot shows mixed results, but important point of emphasis regarding the Austin/Central Texas residential real estate market remains remarkable strength in property values. Continue reading

Who’s adding jobs in Austin?

I have written frequently over the past year or so about many analyses in which Austin ranked at or near the top in terms of economic strength. This Chamber report includes some details of growing employers that I have not seen summarized in one place previously.

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Manufacturing Growth in Texas

The Austin Chamber of Commerce posted an interesting report today based on the Texas Manufacturing Outlook Survey. The outlook is optimistic. I want to comment on just a couple of charts from the Chamber’s article, and one from the source report.
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Jobs in Austin

Instead of discussing Austin employment statistically, sometimes it’s important to focus on specific employers. Here is a variety of success stories. Continue reading