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Rents rising in Austin

Apartment occupancy and lease rates are up in Austin. This does affect prices of other kinds of rental property, and there is still time to buy in the right areas. Continue reading

Pricing to sell — the real world

Price your house right the first time. Why spend more time on the market just to sell for less? Continue reading

Insulting offer? Think again

When selling your home, accept the fact that some buyers just won’t make a strong first offer, but will negotiate reasonably. Others won’t budge. If you don’t respond, you’ll never know which is which. Continue reading

Don’t unintentionally hurt your credit score

If increasing or maintaining your credit score is your top priority, though, you MUST read that article. Continue reading

Where to invest in Austin real estate?

This table ranks Austin’s eight MLS Regions purely on a “typical” property’s ability to generate rental income for a given level of investment, with Gross Rent Multipliers that range from 8.8 to 16.1. There should be something for almost any investor in that mix. Continue reading

Jobs in Austin

Instead of discussing Austin employment statistically, sometimes it’s important to focus on specific employers. Here is a variety of success stories. Continue reading

What can you get for your money in Austin?

What a prospective home buyer wants and and is willing to pay for inevitably lead to decisions about location (or strong location preferences require realistic expectations about what is available within a given budget). So what can you get for your money in Austin real estate? Continue reading

South Lamar — Austin Eclectic

South Lamar is a great example of the eclecticism that makes Austin Austin — come see and enjoy! Continue reading