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More Evidence of the Strong Austin Market

Austin/Central Texas remains one of the strongest home markets in the United States, and conditions are right to make buying a home here in the next three to six months a great decision. Continue reading

A Tale of Four Markets

Within a local market, there can be a wide variety of conditions from one area or subdivision to another. Today, I focus on four neighborhoods in the city of Austin (not suburban cities and towns) where homes sell for roughly +/- 10% of our median price. Continue reading

Interesting information …

Interesting information from another blog … Continue reading

Challenges for apartment owners next year

The aspects of living in Austin that have always attracted and kept people living here, coupled with tax incentives for home purchases are making apartment rental less attractive. Continue reading

Tax Credit Extension

has approved a new version of the tax incentive for home purchases. Continue reading

Prepare for rising mortgage interest rates

As the Fed stops buying its own bonds, will mortgage interest rates rise? Some think so. Continue reading

Encouraging News for the U.S.Economy

Good news on manufacturing, construction, and home sales today. (See The national economy is showing strength, and more economists are optimistic that the recovery is sustainable. Continue reading

Time To Buy? Now!

Buyers who keep shopping now will be able to take advantage of any extension of the tax credit program that is enacted, and by moving sooner rather than later they’ll be able to capitalize on today’s lower prices and interest rates as well. Continue reading