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Covid-19 — New State-wide Order

The State of Texas has issued new rules for working during the Covid-19 issue. Real estate services are correctly identified as being “essential.” Here are the rules and my general plans to proceed. Continue reading

New home construction in Austin still growing

As a result of the high demand for single-family housing, the Real Estate Center projects an increase in sales by 6.4 percent with a lift of 5.2 percent per square foot price. Austin will still lead the state in sales and price increases, expecting a 9.2 percent growth in sales and a 7.9 percent growth in price per square foot. Continue reading

Home builders remain confident in housing market

Home builders remain kind of confident in the market for new single-family homes … Continue reading

Austin Permits and Housing Starts

The big story in that chart is approved plans to build apartments and condominiums — almost 3X from 2011 to 2012 — a huge sign of confidence in continued growth and demand in the Austin metropolitan area! Continue reading

Austin Building Permits and New Construction — Signs for the future?

Volatile. Unpredictable. Erratic. I have used all those adjectives to describe market conditions for Austin/Central Texas residential real estate over the past few months. They all apply, and 2011 will call for ongoing analysis and forecasting. New construction and newly issued building permits should give us a glimpse at the future, however. Continue reading

A strong sign of confidence in multi-family properties

In early February I wrote about rising rents and planned construction in the Austin/Central Texas multi-family residential sector. This morning’s Austin American-Statesman featured an article showing specific evidence of that confidence.

Continue reading

Builder confidence down in Austin?

It may be that a comprehensive survey of home builders in the Austin area will show that they lost confidence in August, just as reported nationally. The builders I talk to, however, while cautious, aren’t waiting for the sky to fall, and this recent market performance is relatively positive given conditions in other places. Continue reading

New Home Sales — U.S. and Austin/Central Texas

Nationally, new home sales skyrocketed in June, compared to May. While one month does not make a trend, growth is good news. As usual, Austin is experiencing this recession differently than the hardest hit areas. Continue reading

Optimistic future for Austin builders?

This was a cash purchase of 440 acres in just one subdivision, a huge commitment to building in Crystal Falls. It also represents a very important vote of confidence in future demand for new homes in our area.
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New home sales surge

Last week the U.S. Commerce Dept. announced that new home sales were up 27% in March 2010 compared to February. The surge was described as the strongest (in units) since July 2009, and the largest percentage month-to-month increase in 47 years. How did Austin compare? Continue reading