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March Market Statistics

Supply (active listings) is down 28% compared to last year. At the same time, Demand (sales) is up 16%. Predictably, in that market environment, sales prices are rising — to a $220,000 median, up 10% from March 2013. Continue reading

Latest Case-Shiller Comparison with Austin

Austin has continued to attract employers and employees over the past several years, and conservative home equity lending laws prevented much of the price run-up experienced in places like California. I’m pleased to call Austin home for many reasons, and our experience with this most recent recession is just one. Continue reading

Austin Market Dashboard, updated thru Feb. 2013

The Austin-area real estate market has turned the corner.  We’re clearly into a new growth phase.  As evidence, here’s a quick summary of the past few years’ home sales: We have experience 22 consecutive months of year-over-year sale growth, and very significant growth in most of those months: Moreover, it’s worth noting that even filtering … Continue reading

Fast-trackin’ in Austin real estate

The real estate market turnaround in the Austin metro area is unambiguously underway. Here is the data to confirm that fact. Continue reading

Here’s Austin’s challenge in 2013: Housing Supply

Home sales grew by 20% last year. At the same time, the number of homes for sale declined by 21%. There is a growing number of buyers chasing a shrinking number of homes, and prices are going up. Continue reading

What’s a house worth in Austin? It depends …

This data shows why the average price of about $278,000 in “Austin” is not especially helpful in more specific discussions of property values. You can also see why my answer to “What’s the price per square foot in Austin?” is always, “It depends.” Continue reading

2012 In Review

In Austin, there are no mixed signals. Living and working here, you can feel the growth. The pace of the real estate market feels like 2006 again, and maybe even a little more frenetic! My Austin Market Dashboard helps to explain 2012, and gives us a glimpse into 2013. Continue reading

A little more on foreclosure sales

Austin’s experience with residential property foreclosures remains very different when compared with many other cities and with national averages. Continue reading

Foreclosure Market Trends Newsletter

Foreclosed properties represent less than 10% of YTD sales in the Austin metropolitan area, and less than 3 1/2% of available listings! Continue reading

Seller’s market? Well, mostly …

Even in one of the hottest metropolitan market areas in the country, there are huge variations in market conditions. Don’t read one article or watch a video about the seller’s market in Austin and assume it describes your property, or a property you may want to buy. Real estate is still very much a hyperlocal business, and you deserve detailed, professional consultation about your specific situation. Continue reading