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Another “over-valued” report

There is a difference between home prices being bid up to unrealistic levels through shear speculation, and the way Central Texas home values are being driven by real supply and demand forces, supported by strong employment and population growth and buying power provided by a still very conservatiove mortgage lending industry. Continue reading

Case-Shiller and Market Bubbles

I’m convinced that Austin’s growth and home value appreciation are happening for the right reasons — real demand supported by economic growth and employment opportunity. I do not see reasons to fear a market bubble that is so much on some people’s minds after the painful recession we’re all still pulling out of. Continue reading

Housing Bubble?

By all appearances and forecasts, 2014 promises to be another very busy year in Austin-area real estate. Real-world pricing data does not indicate a new bubble here, though, and healthier regional economies elsewhere around the country will be good news for all of us. Continue reading

Home prices are up!

Two recent reports discussed encouraging news about rising home values in the United States. The Austin area has seen 23 months of annual price gains. More …. Continue reading

What does a HOT market look like? Austin!

Ask almost anyone who has purchased a resale home this year (or tried to)! If you’re in the market to buy a home these days, don’t say “let’s go see it next weekend.” It may well be sold before you get there. Continue reading

Latest Case-Shiller Comparison with Austin

Austin has continued to attract employers and employees over the past several years, and conservative home equity lending laws prevented much of the price run-up experienced in places like California. I’m pleased to call Austin home for many reasons, and our experience with this most recent recession is just one. Continue reading

Austin and Case-Shiller – How Do We Compare?

I am genuinely encouraged by the trend shown by the Case Shiller indices and I hope and believe that the recovery will gain real traction this time. Continue reading

Case-Shiller down, Austin holding its ground

There’s no way to put lipstick on this and improve the national picture. The housing industry is troubled and is likely to remain so for some time to come. But I encourage folks who already own homes in Austin, or plan to, to keep the faith. Our fair city’s performance remains much stronger than national news stories will lead you to believe. Continue reading

Case-Shiller — May data is in

Austin and Washington, DC continue to buck the trend, gaining value year-over-year. As I pointed out in my last post, the magnitude of the gain in Austin remains impressive, even compared to Washington, DC. Continue reading

Ausin continues to outpace Case-Shiller

The Case-Shiller indices have been losing ground year-to-year for several months. For much longer — about sixteen months — both Austin and Washington, DC have been gaining. And look at the magnitude of those gains — Austin vs. Washington! Yes, Washington home values have appreciated more than Austin since 2000, but it would have been very easy for five of those years to pay more for a home there than the current market would yield. Not so in Austin.
Continue reading