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So, where is that “median” house?

You’ve decided to look for a home — either your first one, or a move-up. You’ve got good employment history, solid rental and/or mortgage payment history, you have managed your credit, and you have been preapproved for a mortgage loan. Where should you focus your search? Continue reading

Are home prices falling?

When I see reports like those this week about how weak home prices are I feel the need to remind Austin/Central Texas consumers that we really are different. Renewed strength in other major metropolitan areas will obviously help us too, but so far the sky isn’t falling here. Continue reading

Austin sales performance by price range

Obviously, this post offers no advice to any individual homeowner, but even without discussing specific prices of specific homes, I hope this snapshot of one month’s sales will provide a point of reference in thinking about positioning the home you wish to sell. Continue reading

Quick comparison — Austin vs. Case-Shiller Index

Unlike many cities used in the Case-Shiller Index, Austin saw average home sale prices dip in December, but here’s a different view of that data. Continue reading