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Austin Market Update through 3Q 2013

Low inventory will keep things challenging for home buyers, but not as frustrating and frantic as our market was in the Spring and Summer of 2013. Going into next year’s traditional selling season, builders will help more with supply, but demand will remain very strong as well. Continue reading

Balcones Village/Spicewood At Balcones – great neighborhood, great market

Like the rest of the Austin metro area, we will remain a fast-moving, under-inventoried housing market for at least the remainder of 2013, and probably for much of 2014. The flurry of activity in April 2013 may turn out to have been just that, however, a flurry. Nonetheless, I expect BV/S to remain a strong seller’s market for many months to come. Continue reading

Austin Market Dashboard, updated through April 2013

The trend has been clear for several months, but this month one chart from my dashboard really tells you most of what you need to know about the Austin/Central Texas residential market …. In April, 46% of all active listings sold! Continue reading

What does a HOT market look like? Austin!

Ask almost anyone who has purchased a resale home this year (or tried to)! If you’re in the market to buy a home these days, don’t say “let’s go see it next weekend.” It may well be sold before you get there. Continue reading

March Market Statistics

Supply (active listings) is down 28% compared to last year. At the same time, Demand (sales) is up 16%. Predictably, in that market environment, sales prices are rising — to a $220,000 median, up 10% from March 2013. Continue reading

2012 In Review

In Austin, there are no mixed signals. Living and working here, you can feel the growth. The pace of the real estate market feels like 2006 again, and maybe even a little more frenetic! My Austin Market Dashboard helps to explain 2012, and gives us a glimpse into 2013. Continue reading

Seller’s market? Well, mostly …

Even in one of the hottest metropolitan market areas in the country, there are huge variations in market conditions. Don’t read one article or watch a video about the seller’s market in Austin and assume it describes your property, or a property you may want to buy. Real estate is still very much a hyperlocal business, and you deserve detailed, professional consultation about your specific situation. Continue reading

Austin Market Dashboard – updated through October 2012

As of October 2012, we have seen 17 months of year-over-year growth. Even in Austin, the past few years have been challenging but there is every reason to believe that 2013 will be a solid year in Austin real estate. Not all homes in all neighborhoods will be affected the same way, so consult a real estate professional about your specific situation. Continue reading

Market Dashboard – End Of Summer Update

The strength of the Central Texas real estate market continues …. Listing inventory is down, representing just a 4-month supply — solidly in seller’s market territory. The monthly unit sales pace is still about 20% lower than the peak of the market cycle in June 2006, but is almost 24% higher than the same month last year. Continue reading

Austin Market Dashboard – update

Our market absorption rate has dipped over the past couple of months, but this is the fiirst time since 2005 that we have seen this metric bouncing around the long-term average of 21% rather than a much lower level. With continuing uncertainties in the U.S. political and economic scene, and in the world economy, these Winter months may remain a little soft, but if history is an indication then we are poised to enter a new growth phase in the local real estate market. Continue reading