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Another quick look at Austin’s water supply

There is less water in the lakes today than we used in 2011. There are legitimate discussions to be had about how funding of the State Water Plan should be done, but it must be done during this legislative session Continue reading

Top 50 Austin Restaurants and more …

One man’s opinion about the best restaurants in a “restaurant-rich” city … Continue reading

Austin #8 among BusinessWeek’s “best cities”

Just a fun bit of recognition for those of us who love living in Austin: America’s 50 Best Cities — Best Places to Live

CowParade Auction in Austin — $1.5 million for kids!

CowParade Austin — what a great, fun way to raise money for the kids! Continue reading

Central Texas fires … pray for all who are affected

More than 3 1/2 million acres have burned in Texas this year, and just in the Austin area something more than 800 homes have been destroyed in the past few days! There’s also plenty of hurricane damage and flooding for others to deal with. Let’s all pray and keep those affected in our thoughts! Continue reading

Downtown developers show confidence

Investors and developers are considering significant projects in Downtown Austin … a great demonstration of their confidence in Austin’s future. Continue reading

Great work by my client

Despite personal adversity, my friend and client keeps moving forward, and now he’s building a house for free to help a neighbor! A great story. Continue reading

A round-up of Austin news…

Lot’s of reasons to “like” Austin …. Continue reading

Austin #1 for jobs

Equally impressive is that 4 of the Top 5 cities in that ranking are in Texas! Continue reading

Round-up of Good News About Austin

Best city to live in, second best for finding a job, one of the top “moved to” cities, among the top job-generating cities, top 10 for quality of life, and on and on. There are a lot of great places in this country but Central Texas has a lot going for it. Continue reading