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Cash For Keys can be a great solution

I have presented Cash For Keys proposals and consistently found mortgagors happy and relieved to find an alternative to the kind of forced eviction many pictured …. Continue reading

Is a short sale right for you?

Good information and advice: 5 Things You Need to Know to Sell a Home That’s Underwater

Behind on your mortgage? You have options!

7 out of every 8 homeowners in this market sample never listed their homes for sale before they were taken in foreclosure! Don’t be one of those 7-of-8 folks! Continue reading

More about foreclosure/short sale impact in Austin

“Central Texas is not in the same boat as many other parts of the country. While home sales remain at a slow pace, prices have not dropped, and many economists say an upturn is in the making for 2012 as the region continues to add jobs.” The prevalence of distressed home sales (short sales and foreclosures) in other markets has had much to do with their declining home values and continuing market malaise. Continue reading

Negative equity declines

Fewer homeowners nationwide were upside down in 3Q ’10 compared to 2Q ’10. That’s good. What it means is less certain. Continue reading

How’s the market in your part of town?

I just posted an article on my website with recommendations for home buyers during this recessionary market period. Most are good, but there are important differences between the Austin/Central Texas real estate market and the hard-hit markets that rightly get so much attention in the national press. Continue reading

Foreclosure myths …

If it’s your time to buy or sell, don’t wait for some imaginary sea-change in the Central Texas real estate market. The outlook for home values and mortgage interest rates us UP, and we are not facing a flood of low-priced properties in the coming months. Make your move because it’s right for you, not because of external factors you read or hear about. Continue reading

Austin market stays strong

As I study market conditions in Austin and Central Texas real estate, I continue to see significant contrasts between our area and conditions elsewhere …. Continue reading

Short Sales and Credit Ratings

If you’re struggling with a mortgage and considering your alternatives, the best advice is to begin communicating as early as possible with your lender and with financial and real estate professionals. Continue reading

Keeping your home

This website does a good job of outlining the steps in a Texas foreclosure, and in providing good general information about some alternatives. Continue reading