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Another reason to buy soon!

This change will be effective on loans issued on or after April 18, 2011. That’s just sixty days away — plenty of time to find and purchase the right home, but not much time to remain uncertain about whether to buy or not. If home ownership is in your plans, and if you can qualify for a mortgage loan today, now is the time to get busy. Continue reading

Will higher interest rates cost you your dream home?

The difference between 5% and 6% mortage rates is about $125/month, or almost $20,000 in purchasing power. There is a real cost to delay while interest rates are increasing — an it looks like that’s the direction of change this year. Continue reading

Mortgage Interest Rates — Historical Perspective

Mortgage rates are rising, but still at 40-year lows. With prices also likely to increase, NOW it is the time to buy a home! Continue reading

Mortgage Rates, Payments, and Buying Power

It looks like mortgage rates will really keep rising this time. If you wait until rates increase to 6%, you will have lost more than 20% of the buying power that you qualified for just a few weeks ago! Continue reading

Foreclosure myths …

If it’s your time to buy or sell, don’t wait for some imaginary sea-change in the Central Texas real estate market. The outlook for home values and mortgage interest rates us UP, and we are not facing a flood of low-priced properties in the coming months. Make your move because it’s right for you, not because of external factors you read or hear about. Continue reading

Austin-Area Pending Home Sales

Pending home sales were down in September, but the Austin metropolitan area shows signs of strength. Continue reading

Market Activity in the Austin Area

Prospective home buyers have an incredible opportunity right now — increased listing inventory, record-low mortgage rates, and stable or slightly increasing demand that should push prices up over the next six to twelve months. Those who choose to sit out this part of the market cycle are likely to look back in two years and say, “I should have moved then.” Continue reading

Mortgage lending — a continuing adventure

Again, thank goodness that mortgage lenders have decided they prefer working with borrowers who are likely to make their payments. This pendulum is swinging WAY too far in the other direction, though. Continue reading

Good info about FHA loans

A few years ago there were so many “creative” ways to get zero or low down payment conventional loans, and private mortage insurance was so inexpensive, that FHA loans were used less frequently. That is no longer the case. Continue reading

Fannie Mae Loan Quality Initiative

For those of us who work with home buyers and mortgage lenders routinely, it has been clear for a long time that mortgage underwriters were getting more cautious — and rightfully so. This is Fannie Mae’s latest move to reduce mortgage loan defaults. Continue reading