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Investing in Austin real estate

Investing in Austin is still viable and needed in order to create more rental inventory for our growing population, but the market environment now requires more careful analylsis of costs and potential benefits than in years past. Continue reading

Investing? Compare different parts of the Austin metro …

Every investor has his or her priorities, property management style, risk tolerance, and target market, and with experience comes to understand the financial trade-offs that may be required by a chosen strategy. Here’s one tool to help compare opportunities. Continue reading

Investing in Austin real estate?

If you’re in the market for investment properties in Austin/Central Texas, where should you concentrate? One approach is to go where most of the leasing activity is already happening. With that in mine, here is a quick look at the 20 MLS areas where the most new leases were signed in the past year. Continue reading

How about investment properties?

If you assume operating expenses amounting to 15%, those ratios translate into a Capitalization Rate of about 5.5. That’s not stellar, but compare it to the likely return on many alternative investments and you’ll understand why this has been a fast-moving market this year. Continue reading

Myth of the “3.8% real estate sales tax”

The tax is NOT a transfer tax on real estate sales and similar transactions. Read to see what it is. Continue reading

Residential investments in Austin — 1st Half 2011

Six months ago I compared “typical” investments in 2010 in single family homes as rental properties in various parts of Austin. Now, I want to offer an updated look at residential real estate investments in the first half of 2011 — this time including single family homes, duplexes, and fourplexes. Continue reading

So what about the debt ceiling?

Politics aside, I don’t see any practical reason that interest rates should spike next week based on what happens in the debt ceiling debate. I certainly believe we will have higher rates over the next year or two, but that will have almost nothing to do with all the noise coming from Washington now. Continue reading

Time to invest in Austin

The strength of current gross rents, and the stability in multifamily pricing for most of last year, suggest that we have seen the bottom of this cycle. New project announcements and building permits for multifamily construction (including substantial additions to the inventory of available apartment units) show that large investors and developers are betting on coming growth. Now is the time for smaller investors to take advantage of the trend as well. Continue reading

Rents rising in Austin

Apartment occupancy and lease rates are up in Austin. This does affect prices of other kinds of rental property, and there is still time to buy in the right areas. Continue reading

Where to invest in Austin real estate?

This table ranks Austin’s eight MLS Regions purely on a “typical” property’s ability to generate rental income for a given level of investment, with Gross Rent Multipliers that range from 8.8 to 16.1. There should be something for almost any investor in that mix. Continue reading