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Mortgage Interest Rates — Historical Perspective

Mortgage rates are rising, but still at 40-year lows. With prices also likely to increase, NOW it is the time to buy a home! Continue reading

More dollars, cheaper dollars … good news?

In a predictable environment entrepreneurs and businesspeople will gamble their capital and their livelihoods on the chance to build and grow — creating jobs and prosperity for many others along the way. Continue reading

Austin-Area Pending Home Sales

Pending home sales were down in September, but the Austin metropolitan area shows signs of strength. Continue reading

Market Activity in the Austin Area

Prospective home buyers have an incredible opportunity right now — increased listing inventory, record-low mortgage rates, and stable or slightly increasing demand that should push prices up over the next six to twelve months. Those who choose to sit out this part of the market cycle are likely to look back in two years and say, “I should have moved then.” Continue reading

Mortgage lending — a continuing adventure

Again, thank goodness that mortgage lenders have decided they prefer working with borrowers who are likely to make their payments. This pendulum is swinging WAY too far in the other direction, though. Continue reading

Rising Mortgage Rates — A Little Perspective

The truth is that we’ve only had mortgage interest rates in the 5% and under range for about fifteen months! And already we consider that “normal,” and act as if anything higher will keep people from buying and hurt the housing market? Continue reading

Is the mortgage crisis ending?

Are we really over the crest or just in a trough between waves? Continue reading

More about mortgage-backed securities

I have seen other credible forecasts that when the Fed withdraws support, mortgage rates could increase 1% to 2% about current rates. These “power brokers” are more optimistic, and generally see the market stabilizing. Continue reading

Act soon to take advantage of low interest rates

NOW, we have tax incentives and very low interest rates and seasonally low home prices. LATER, tax incentives will expire (contracts after April 30) and interest rates and home prices are likely to increase. Continue reading

Easier short sales? Call me a skeptic!

Having worked short sales, representing buyers and sellers over the past several years, I’ll believe it when I see it. Continue reading