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Austin-Round Rock MSA — Growing Economy

As always, Austin must grapple with managing the positives of that growth while preserving the culture and the environment that are the basis for the “Austin Lifestyle” that attracts and keeps so many people here. Continue reading

HELOC Anyone?

If you needed any more evidence that the times have changed, this is it. Continue reading

Unemployment and Productivity

“Worker productivity surged at the fastest pace in six years ….” Continue reading

Tax Credit Extension

has approved a new version of the tax incentive for home purchases. Continue reading

Prepare for rising mortgage interest rates

As the Fed stops buying its own bonds, will mortgage interest rates rise? Some think so. Continue reading

Encouraging News for the U.S.Economy

Good news on manufacturing, construction, and home sales today. (See The national economy is showing strength, and more economists are optimistic that the recovery is sustainable. Continue reading

Ballot Issues — November 3, 2009

Tuesday is the day for you to vote and protect your interests. Continue reading

Market Dashboard — Update

Market dashboard expanded, and explanation now available at
Continue reading

Neighborhood Variations

In a number of blog posts and messages to my clients I have commented on how dramatically supply, demand, pricing, and time on market can vary from one neighborhood to another. I decided to assemble some examples for specific discussion. Continue reading