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November 3 — Constitutional Amendments

An e-mail misinformation campaign has been circulating that makes false statements about Propositions 2 and 3. The e-mail claims that passing these propositions will allow the state to start taxing homeowners. That is complete fiction. Continue reading

Tax Credit Extension?

We keep hearing rumors that the first-time homebuyer credit (10%, up to $8,000 until 11/30/09) will be extended, and perhaps even expanded.  Whatever the decision is, we probably won’t know until it’s too late to take advantage of the current program.  Buyer’s who want to take advantage of the current $8,000 incentive have, maybe, a … Continue reading

Busy Market!

Wow!  No time for blogging!  (Isn’t there a song or a movie in there somewhere?)  Don’t let anybody tell you that the Central Texas real estate market is slow!  The numbers say that YTD volume is off more than 20% in 2009 vs. 2008, but I really can’t tell it in my practice.  I have … Continue reading

Extend homebuyer tax credit?

There has been a extensive dialogue this week on the National Association of Realtors group on about whether/how the tax credit for first-time homebuyers should be extended after its currently scheduled expiration of November 30. 2009.  The general consensus is a preference for little or no government manipulation of market forces, but now that … Continue reading

A house is not an ATM!

An article with an LA Times byline appeared in today’s Austin American-Statesman: “Days of using homes as wealth generators is over, experts say,” Robert Reich is quoted as saying, “We can expect a gradual rise (in home values), but not the bonanza we’ve become accustomed to between the end of World War II and … Continue reading

Austin-area office leasing?

Just posted another article on the Local Market Information page at about the status of office leasing in the Austin area.   The difference in perspective between the Austin American-Statesman and the Austin Business Journal, based on the same report from Oxford Commercial is really surprising.  What message do you WANT in your news?

A couple of thoughts …

No time to blog this week … working several new contracts and new clients.  I know the data says Austin-area sales are way off this year, but I can’t tell it from my practice.  There must be a BUNCH of agents trying to figure out where to find a prospect, because the agents I talk … Continue reading