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It’s still about jobs …

We continue to add employers and employees, and to see investments in the future of our community. Our growth is undoubtedly constrained by the difficulty selling homes in other parts of the country, keeping people and companies from moving here that might otherwise choose to do so. Nonetheless, “cautious optimism” remains a good bet in the Austin area. Continue reading

Recovery on the way …

It seems that I have been talking and blogging forever about the difference between the Austin/Central Texas experience during this recession and the way the recession has impacted other communities. Continue reading

Austin Commercial Real Estate On The Way To Recovery

Where one investor falters, another sees opportunity. That’s the way the business world is supposed to work. We see it in action now in Austin, and I hope we’ll allow the local market to function naturally — win or lose. I believe we’ll win because I have confidence in Austin. Continue reading

Good news, but you can’t tell it!

Sure, bad news sells newspapers, but come on guys … get a grip. Don’t go out of your way to talk down the local economy! Continue reading

Texas and Austin Stronger than most of U.S.

Despite the conclusion you might draw from most news media, Texas and Austin gained employable population last month and added even more jobs. Continue reading

Austin-Round Rock MSA — Growing Economy

As always, Austin must grapple with managing the positives of that growth while preserving the culture and the environment that are the basis for the “Austin Lifestyle” that attracts and keeps so many people here. Continue reading

Unemployment and Productivity

“Worker productivity surged at the fastest pace in six years ….” Continue reading