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Another vote of confidence for Austin and Texas

With these arguments against this hiring, I assume Chase sees offsetting strength in Texas and expects to originate many more loans here than they have in recent years. Continue reading

Don’t Just Wait For Foreclosure!

Lender communication has always been a key difficulty in handling short sales, exacerbated by agents on both sides of too many transactions who have no idea how to work a short sale. Lenders — notably major banks — have spent a lot of time working to improve their processes to accomodate the huge number of borrowers in default and to comply with recently announced HAFA guidelines Continue reading

Rising Mortgage Rates — A Little Perspective

The truth is that we’ve only had mortgage interest rates in the 5% and under range for about fifteen months! And already we consider that “normal,” and act as if anything higher will keep people from buying and hurt the housing market? Continue reading

New mortgage relief program

Approximately 6 million homeowners nationwide have missed at least two mortgage payments, and as many as 10 to 12 million foreclosures are possible in the next three years. This new program aims to help. Continue reading

Can a new form make a bad lender good?

Just requiring a new form will not create professionalism where it did not exist before. The market — i.e., informed consumers — will still determine which mortgage lenders survive over time, exactly as it should. Continue reading