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Could the Court vacate 18 months of financial regulations? Should it?

Hundreds of new mortgage-industry rules in recent years have undoubtedly slowed the housing recovery. Now it appears that all of that regulatory effort could be undone. Should it? Continue reading

Is Housing Important, or not?

What’s going on with rules affecting mortgage lending is horribly misguided …. “AARRGGGHHHHHH!”
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Will higher interest rates cost you your dream home?

The difference between 5% and 6% mortage rates is about $125/month, or almost $20,000 in purchasing power. There is a real cost to delay while interest rates are increasing — an it looks like that’s the direction of change this year. Continue reading

Don’t unintentionally hurt your credit score

If increasing or maintaining your credit score is your top priority, though, you MUST read that article. Continue reading

More help from Washington … Is this really necessary?

Last year’s Dodd-Frank financial regulation law requires consolidation of some key forms used every day in the mortgage business. Every time I hear that somebody in Washington is going to “simplify” paperwork I know it’s time to duck. Let’s hope this time is different. Continue reading

Isn’t this a mess — Friday’s court ruling on foreclosures

What would you do if one day your life is interrupted by a notification that the bank you bought your home from may not have had the right to sell it to you because they never actually owned it themselves? The odds may be low, but it’s worth thinking about.
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More thoughts on the foreclosure freeze …

What is largely missing from the discussion is that the properties and property owners involved are on lenders’ foreclosure lists for a reason — mortgage default. Every real estate closing that involves mortgage financing includes paperwork that basically says “no pay, no stay.” Continue reading

Foreclosure caution? Of course. Halt? Please don’t!

Last week I heard a prominent Senate leader suggest that there should be an across-the-board moratorium on all foreclosures. My response: STOP before you help us any more!!!!! Continue reading

Mortgage lending — a continuing adventure

Again, thank goodness that mortgage lenders have decided they prefer working with borrowers who are likely to make their payments. This pendulum is swinging WAY too far in the other direction, though. Continue reading

Pricing Homes To Sell

Price it right! Properly priced homes seller faster and for higher prices than those that age — even for a few weeks — at above-market prices. Continue reading