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Real market weakness? Maybe …

Two months of consecutive decline is worrisome, and even Austin and Central Texas participated in this weakness. As always, I the movement of the Austin Metro real estate market on my AustinMarketDashboard, and the decline is visible there, as is the usual price weakness that accompanies weak demand. Average home prices in Austin have now been below the long-term trendline for more than a year. Continue reading

Foreclosures — a quick footnote

Even though Austin is in far better shape that many other places, these Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will continue to struggle for a long time to come. Continue reading

Amazing contrast!

Austin and Central Texas remain in a very strong position, not only to weather the continuing national economic storm, but to attract new growth and jobs and investment even as the rest of the country works through a very difficult recovery. Continue reading

Is the mortgage crisis ending?

Are we really over the crest or just in a trough between waves? Continue reading

What price range is selling?

Even with sales soft, however, Austin area prices have held their own, and continued to increase slowly in some important market segments. Continue reading

“Solving the foreclosure crisis one homeowner at a time.”

If you or someone you know is going through this devastating situation, please have them call me. I would love to help them get past this and begin to put their financial lives back together. Continue reading

Act soon to take advantage of low interest rates

NOW, we have tax incentives and very low interest rates and seasonally low home prices. LATER, tax incentives will expire (contracts after April 30) and interest rates and home prices are likely to increase. Continue reading

January Market Update — Austin and Central Texas

Austin’s real estate market remains a significant bright spot among many U.S. metro areas that continue to struggle. I trust this recap will be informative, and helpful as you consider the current market position of your Central Texas home, or your plans to purchase a home. Continue reading

Austin employment picture remains positive

As pleased as I am to be in our relatively healthy local economic environment, we must never forget that in many ways we are all in this together! We still need a national surge in private sector employment. That’s the keystone for all of us.
Continue reading

December home price spike!

December 2009 — almost 10% month-to-month increase in average home sale prices. Does last year’s tax credit program explain it? Continue reading