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More on foreclosure activity

Austin and Central Texas have experienced the recession differently than many other areas, but improvement elsewhere is certainly welcome and will be good for all of us. Continue reading

RealtyTrac Foreclosure Trends — slow in Texas and Austin

Almost no foreclosure activity makes Austin and most of Texas very different from what you read about in most of the national press. Continue reading

A little more on foreclosure sales

Austin’s experience with residential property foreclosures remains very different when compared with many other cities and with national averages. Continue reading

Foreclosure Market Trends Newsletter

Foreclosed properties represent less than 10% of YTD sales in the Austin metropolitan area, and less than 3 1/2% of available listings! Continue reading

Real estate boosts the economy

Help to advocate these changes now — talk to friends and business acquaintances, and most importantly contact your representatives in Congress. These changes are needed this year! Continue reading

Open Letter from RE/MAX Chairman — Housing Is Important For All

An open letter from RE/MAX chair to presidential candidates …. Continue reading

Do you know who owns your mortgage?

This is more than just interesting. It is vital to confidence in private property rights, a foundational principal and a huge part of what makes the United States the United States. Especially if you work in the mortgage industry or the title insurance industry, please comment. Continue reading

Cash For Keys can be a great solution

I have presented Cash For Keys proposals and consistently found mortgagors happy and relieved to find an alternative to the kind of forced eviction many pictured …. Continue reading

Is a short sale right for you?

Good information and advice: 5 Things You Need to Know to Sell a Home That’s Underwater

Austin vs. Clear Capital Market Report

Clear Capital recently issued its latest report on the residential real estate market in the United States, including lists of the highest and lowest performing major metropolitan areas. Here’s how Austin compares. Continue reading