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Let the market heal, and it will

“Leave housing to market forces, let prices fall until buyers are motivated to come in, and hope that the economy can stand one final cathartic wave to clear the excesses of the bubble.” Continue reading

Austin Commercial Real Estate On The Way To Recovery

Where one investor falters, another sees opportunity. That’s the way the business world is supposed to work. We see it in action now in Austin, and I hope we’ll allow the local market to function naturally — win or lose. I believe we’ll win because I have confidence in Austin. Continue reading

Updated Market Dashboard

As we all sit down for a Thanksgiving feast on Thursday, we should be thankful for being here — mild climate, progressive culture, healthy economy, and the grand variety of the Central Texas environment! Continue reading

Energy Efficiency Requirements

The new rule will … mandate testing for every single- or two-family unit by outside contractors. Continue reading