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Part of the Supply solution?

Local land use policies and zoning decisions can help to expand the types and prices of housing available. Here’s a look at some relevant history in the Austin area. Continue reading

An important new market dynamic

The Austin metropolitan market is experiencing an unprecedented shortage of available housing with incredible demand continuing. This emerging trend among homebuilders is complicating the short term. Continue reading

The Austin boom continues …

Strong demand and shrinking supply had driven prices up in and around Austin. Here are some important details. Continue reading

Home design trends – 2021

2020 caused changes in the way we use our homes, with new trends in home design preferences resulting. Continue reading

Market price distribution — more growth in 2021?

Years of demand for housing that outpaced supply have led to continuing price growth. Thes charts show the distribution of all home sales by price range across the Austin metro area. Continue reading

Sitting down? More on Austin home prices

Since the Austin area recovered from the last market bottom, the residential real estate has moved faster than an any other time in at least thirty years. 2020 moved that velocity to an incredible new level. Continue reading

What a market! 2020 Recap

The Austin region has been seriously challenged to meet strong demand for housing throughout this market cycle. 2020 exacerbated that challenge. Continue reading

Market outlook – Austin area 2021

Recently I attended an excellent annual review and forecast by economist Mark Sprague of Independence Title. Here are some highlights, with special attention on the Austin area. Continue reading

Inventory — Austin housing in 2020

Sales are up and nventory is down … not just in Austin bur across the metro area. Strong demand continues despite tight supply. Here’s how 2020 compares to last year. Continue reading

More on market velocity

Think quick sales and multiple offers are only a problem in your home search? Think again. Quick sales and multiple offers affect the entire Austin area. Continue reading