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More about the RE/MAX Advantage

I am proud to be part of the RE/MAX family. This video and my earlier post highlight some important reasons.
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The Austin difference

Throughout the recession and housing downturn I have been writing about how different the Austin/Central Texas experience has been from national press stories on the economy. In less than four minutes, this video hits all the high points of what I’ve been saying all that time. Rock on! Austin Rocks!, posted with vodpod  

Groundwater in Texas — changes and progress

There is an argument that diminishing a landowner’s water rights directly diminishes the value of the land itself, and so constitutes a “taking” by governmental authority. There are differences in the needs of a landowner who plants cotton compared to a rancher, or compared to a landowner who bottles and sells water. At the same time, Texas is growing quickly, and cities’ water needs are under stress.
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A strong sign of confidence in multi-family properties

In early February I wrote about rising rents and planned construction in the Austin/Central Texas multi-family residential sector. This morning’s Austin American-Statesman featured an article showing specific evidence of that confidence.

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Benefits Of Home Ownership

Times and markets may have changed in recent years, but the benefits of being a home owner rather than a renter are still the same. (And it’s a great time to buy now!) Continue reading