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Video — consumers moving the economy forward

“We are far from retreating, given all of the uncertainty we’ve had to face we are now empowering a movement from mindless to mindful consumption.”
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Williamson County tough on crime

Williamson County’s tough-on-crime reputation has been 30 years in the making and is bringing the county statewide recognition. Continue reading

Kudos for Bastrop!

Today, Bastrop, southeast of Austin, gets some important, and well-deserved, recognition. Continue reading

RE/MAX CEO named to Fed Board of Directors

Margaret Kelly, CEO of RE/MAX International, has been named to the Board of Directors of the Denver branch of the Federal Reserve Bank. Continue reading

Another Top 10 — Austin’s movie-making business!

Among all the other great things I have said and written about Austin, this is one I haven’t touched on. Austin was recently named the #5 city in the U.S. for movie-making! Continue reading