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Cell phones in Austin

A phone is only a phone (in the driver’s case) while the vehicle is in motion. Continue reading

Recovery on the way …

It seems that I have been talking and blogging forever about the difference between the Austin/Central Texas experience during this recession and the way the recession has impacted other communities. Continue reading

We celebrate Eeyore’s birthday, too!

Sure there are other places in the country where you might find things like this. How many of those cities also have an annual outdoor birthday party for Winnie The Pooh’s buddy Eeyore? Austin does!
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More firms vote “yes” for Austin

Employers and investors continue sending encouraging signals about Austin. Continue reading

“I want to get a good deal!”

“Good deal” means a lot of things to a lot of people. Let’s talk about what it means to you and developing a home search strategy to meets your needs. It may well include foreclosures, but a focus on them? Probably not.
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Can a new form make a bad lender good?

Just requiring a new form will not create professionalism where it did not exist before. The market — i.e., informed consumers — will still determine which mortgage lenders survive over time, exactly as it should. Continue reading

Lots of reasons … schools

Schools are not the only reason for choosing a home or a neighborhood. For many, this isn’t even among the most important criteria. Either way, these resources should be valuable to you.
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Who controls interest rates?

Many people hang on every report from the Fed, and their activities can have huge impact on our overall economy. They do not, however, manage mortgage interest rates. Continue reading

Austin Commercial Real Estate On The Way To Recovery

Where one investor falters, another sees opportunity. That’s the way the business world is supposed to work. We see it in action now in Austin, and I hope we’ll allow the local market to function naturally — win or lose. I believe we’ll win because I have confidence in Austin. Continue reading

Great to be back!

Rested and recharged, I’m glad to be back in Austin, doing a job that I love for clients that are worth every minute! It’s gonna be a great New Year!
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